The year 2019 is a good year for a deeper renewal of the Christian faith at St. Catherine. For more info you can call either the parish (905) 272-1454 or Vicky Nisce at (647) 760-5954.

1 – The THURSDAY NIGHT ADULT SPIRITUAL FORMATION will begin on January 17, with a special series on BIBLE STUDY. Fr. Joseph Baal will be presenting the theology behind the BOOK OF GENESIS. Beginning January 17 till February 24 at 7:30pm in ZANON HALL.

2 – Every Monday night in the Main Hall, for those who are searching their faith and want to be baptized at Easter, the RCIA (Rite of Catholic Initiation of Adults)

3 – THE SENIOR GROUP is meeting every Monday Morning at 9:00am in the Zanon Hall. Once a month they have also the Holy Mass.

4 – THE PARENTS of the First Communion Children
are invited to a special CATECHESIS while their children are involved at their catechism classes. This PARENTS’ PROGRAM has been a real blessing in our parish; all the parents are invited to participate in Zanon Hall, during the children’s classes. (647) 760-5954.

5 – CATHOLIC MOMS GROUP will meet every THIRD TUESDAY of the month (January 15) at 10:00am and at 7:30pm always in Zanon Hall (416) 806-7966.


For any info, please call the parish office: (905) 272-1454.

Fr. Walter

About Fr. Walter

Father Walter Tonelotto was born in Italy in 1947 and entered the Scalabrini Seminary at an early age. At 20 he was sent by his superiors to study Theology at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York and then to the Toronto School of Theology. He holds a Master in Divinity from St. Paul’s University in Ottawa and a Master in Moral Theology from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, New York City.