We remember our PATRON SAINT and ask her intercession on this difficult time in our life.



New heavens and New earth.

I am sure that God’s promise will be fulfilled soon. The world that modern man had built could not continue the way it was. In fact everything crumbled down like the tower of Babel. Health now is compromised; the economy is ruined, and we don’t know if there will be food for all; finally, the virus has killed more people that recent wars; the corrupt political systems are now impotent; nature has found a break from all the pollution we had caused; mankind has regained its rightful place in creation. We realized that we were not omnipotent, but part of a creation that God had planned long before we appeared. Humans now realized that they were created for each other and not to exploit each other.


I am sure that the new creation has already started. The rebuilding of a new world, according to the true laws of God, who has created it in the first place.

In our parish I feel that the new heaven and the new earth has already started. I have never seen so many people praying and worshiping together. I know people who spend hours and hours in prayer every day. I know people who have daily special graces from God; I know people who get up at night to pray for us; I see the joy of so many people coming to church; I see the young and old sitting silently in front of the blessed sacrament. I found in our parish people who love each other, who are happy to be together, who are not afraid to show their love and welcome every person who approach the door of the Church. Many “tribes, peoples and nations” are coming to you a Lord and you are happy to remain in our church, to receive the honor, glory and love of so many people.

This is the beginning of the “new heaven and the new earth”, because God is with us and He loves to stay with his people.

How I wish to be able to embrace all of you once again, dear brothers and sisters, in the light of this new Kingdom, that God is building among us and with all the people that love Him and is waiting for His new kingdom.


1 – Consecration to the Blessed Mother of all USA and CANADA.

Let us join for 7:30am Mass followed by Prayer of Consecration.

(Either with Cardinal Collins (https://www.stmichaelscathedral.com/)

 or with our parish: https://scos.click2stream.com/).

Prayer for Liberation

from the Epidemic

to Our Lady of Divine Love.

O Mary, You shines continuously

on our journey

as a sign of salvation and hope.

We entrust ourselves to you,

Health of the Sick, who, at the cross,

united with Jesus’ pain,

keeping your faith firm.

You, Salvation of all the people,

know what we need, and we trust

that you will provide for those needs

so that, as at Cana of Galilee,

joy and celebration may return

after this moment of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,

to conform ourselves to the will of the

Father, and to do what Jesus tells us.

He who took our sufferings upon Himself

and burdened Himself with our sorrows

to bring us, through the Cross,

to the joy of Resurrection. Amen.

Sub tuum praesidium

We seek refuge under your protection,

O Holy Mother of God.

Do not despise our pleas –

we who are put to the test –

and deliver us from every danger.

O glorious and blessed Virgin. AMEN.


Salt and Light Television is offering free streaming of the life of the Saints. You can start with ST. GIANNA BERETTA MOLLA, a true inspiration for today. St. Gianna Berretta Molla.



  • Every night (7:30pm) all in the family recites the HOLY ROSARY. Very important to get the children involved.
  • You may also unite TWO FAMILIES by phone or by social media and recite one mystery each.
  • Or you can call a friend and say the rosary together. (Even more times a day).
  • Parish Groups can organize rosary in groups with ZOOM.
  • WE NEED A FAMILY (or single person) every night of the month of May to recite the rosary IN CHURCH at 7:30pm. Please call the parish and sign up to reserve one evening for you or your family.


“From the depths of our heart” by Cardinal Robert  Sara and Benedict XVI presented by Fr. Walter.

CONFERENCE 1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46Xn6MUF93o

CONFERENCE 2 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjoD9utNJpU

CONFERENCE 3 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyJ3JSs1prA

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CONFERENCE 5 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggfm2alQf40

CONFERENCE 6 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUBbtkWldWw

CONFERENCE 7 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9E8U4viBgg

Fr. Walter

About Fr. Walter

Father Walter Tonelotto was born in Italy in 1947 and entered the Scalabrini Seminary at an early age. At 20 he was sent by his superiors to study Theology at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York and then to the Toronto School of Theology. He holds a Master in Divinity from St. Paul’s University in Ottawa and a Master in Moral Theology from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, New York City.