LENT 2019


Dear Friends and Parishioners,

Let’s do LENT TOGETHER! HOW?  Here are some possibilities.

1 – Prayer – 1 – Daily Mass; 2 – Daily Rosary; 3 – Daily Visit to the Blessed Sacrament; – 4- Daily Meditation of the Word of God; participation to the Parish Mission or the Parish Retreat.

2 – Evangelization – 1 – Weekly participation to a Conference; 2 – One hour of Eucharistic Adoration; 3 – Read one book on Spirituality; 4 – Watch a Spiritual Movie or Program in the Internet each week.

3 – Fasting: 1 – No TV from Monday to Friday; 2 – No computer games for the whole Lent; 3 – No Texting or FB & Twitter from Monday to Friday; 4 – No eating outside the main meals or in restaurant; 5 – Ash Wednesday and Good Friday only on bread and water.

4 – Penance – One good confession before Easter; one act of forgiveness to the person who has ruined my life; one act of love to the one forgotten by me; A kiss to each and all the members of my family; A phone call to the spouse who has abandoned the family; restitution of the money that I have taken unjustly; help one homeless (or poor) in my neighborhood; a visit to a nursing home or prison.

5 –  Sacrifice – 1 – Offer my sickness to Christ in union with His sufferings; 2 – No complaining or criticizing, especially in the house; 3 – Give up your will in favor of the will of your spouse or superior; 4 – Get up 30 minutes before my time to pray or read.