As soon as you have decided the date of the baptism of your child please call the Parish for a meeting with a priest. You need to bring with you: 1 - Copy of the birth certificate of the child (long form).  2 - Proof that one of the parents is a baptized Catholic. 3 - The name and documents for the godparents (they need to prove that at least one of them is baptized, confirmed and practicing Catholic). A form of eligibility can be provided by the parish where they worship.

Both parents and godparents must participate in a preparation conference, prior to the celebration of the sacrament.

Celebrations in English are held twice a month; the second and the fourth Saturday of each month and at 3 PM in church.

The preparation conferences are held the Monday evening at 7:30 prior to the celebration of the baptism in Scalabrini Hall.

For more info, either call the office or speak to a priest.


Rite of Confirmation (R.O.C.) 

Confirmation: the sacrament in which the gift of the Holy Spirit received at Baptism is confirmed, strengthened, and perfected for living the Christian life and spreading the faith to others; in this sacrament, we receive a permanent sign or character so it cannot be repeated. Click here to get more information or to register:


To plan in a Christian marriage is a long and serious process. The young couple will have to contact a priest a year in advance for a preliminary interview.

These are the steps to take:

  1. Preparation course, given by the parish or other catholic institutions.
  2. Papers and clearance from impediments if necessary; in particular a recent baptism certificate, with notations and confirmation date.
  3. Planning the liturgy of the church celebration.
  4. Sixty days before the celebration, the Ontario License is required.
  5. A week before the rehearsal and confession is planned with the priest celebrating your marriage.

It is advisable not to book the hall before you have first the interview with a priest.
There will be an offering for the church and the couple will take care of flowers and music. If the marriage is celebrated abroad the process is lengthier, so you must contact the priest as soon as possible. Come and talk to a priest; the Church is interested to help in your marriage as you are.

PRE-CANA - Marriage Preparation Course

Monday – March 12, 7:30pm – 9:00pm

Intro – Video -

  • (Bishop Barron: Why in Church?)

- The real Love – Dialogue – Family… (Fr. Walter)

- Sharing - “My Story” (all couples)

(Why make it catholic – Meaning of what you say)


Wednesday – March 14 – 7:30pm (Part 1) (Part 2)

- Readiness to Marriage

Vince & Candice Pingol

- Family & Finances (PP Presentation)

Ruth & Edoardo Urian

(Free, total, faithful, lifegiving)

(Bishop Barron - Marriage and Relationships)


Friday March 16 – 7:30pm (Free, Faithful, lifegiving)

- Tools for a peaceful relationship

Sybil & Gene Lee Loy (Funny)

- Planning the Ceremony and other papers.

Fr. Walter (Other Questions)


Monday – March 19– 7:30pm (A match made in heaven) (Thanscendent Third)

Marriage: The Sacrament – (Theology)

Learn How to forgive - CONFESSION

(Fr. Walter)


Wednesday – March 21, - 7:30pm (Good) (Catholic Mom)

Natural Family Planning

Sally & Jamie Bell


Friday – March 23 – 7:00pm (If necessary) (Marriage Family Part 1) (Marriage & Family Part 2)

  • Holy Mass (in Church)

Sharing & Social (in The H


Anointing Of The Sick

During the course of the year the parish will offer various opportunities for the celebration of the anointing of the sick as a community. The sacrament of the anointing can be also received individually, both at home, in a hospital or nursing home by contacting a priest from the parish. It would be advisable that one member of the family will accompany the priest for this celebration. A celebration with the whole family would be even better.

The next COMMUNAL CELEBRATION of the ANOINTING OF THE SICK will be on February 12, 2018 at 11:00am in church, organized by the Seniors' Group. ALL ARE WELCOME.

annointing of the sick


The right of Christian Burial is very important both for the deceased person and for the family. The holy mass with the presence of the body in church would be the best way to celebrate a funeral. In the event of cremation we suggest that the body of the deceased be brought first to the church then after the liturgy to proceed with cremation. If however for particular reasons this is not possible, the ashes in a dignified urn will be brought to the church and the funeral liturgy will follow as usual. The proper burial and disposition of the ashes is demanded by our faith. Ashes should be guarded in a holy place like a cemetery or a mausoleum or other places blessed and dedicated for this purpose.


BEREAVEMENT is very important after a loss of a dear one. The Archdiocese offers various programs in different parts of the city. If interested, please contact the parish. 



You can request the sacrament of reconciliation at any time by calling or coming to the parish office (905-272-1454); a priest will be available.

Schedule for confessions are:

The first Friday of the month from 7:30 AM to 8 AM in the morning and in the evening 6:30 PM till 7:00 PM.

There are also confessions every Saturday from 4:30 PM till 5:30 PM before the Saturday evening 6 PM mass.