SIENA COURIER Monthly Calendar for MARCH 2019


In our parish of St. Catherine of Siena, February has been a great month with a good number of new initiatives.
CATECHISM for FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: 3-19-21-24-26-28- and 31.
EDGE for the Confirmation Candidates will continue on the first and third Friday of the month. (1-15 of March and 5 and 19 of April., 3-17 of May, 7 – 21 of June). The idea is to offer our youngsters a taste of what it is belonging to a Youth Group.
ALPHA JUNIOR for children six grade and under; they will meet on the second Friday of each month at 6:30pm in the Zanon Hall, – March 8 – April 12 – May 10 – June 14
THE CATHOLIC MOMS GROUP will meet on March 19, 2019 at 10:00am and 8:00pm in Zanon Hall.
ASH WEDNESDAY – The beginning of the great time of spiritual renewal for all Catholics. Services in church: 8:00am, 5:30pm, 7:00pm and 8:00pm (Spanish). In the Schools we will have these services: St. Catherine of Siena at 9:15 in church; Fr. Zanon at 9:45; Mary Fix at 10:30 and St. Timothy at 11:00am.
THE PARISH MARRIAGE RENEWAL WEEKEND – A great weekend to renew and strengthen your marriage – March 8-9-10 in the Pariah Main Hall. Please call theParish Office.
THE FIRST CONFESSION for the First Communion Children.
We have moved the FIRST RECONCILIATION (=confession) for the First Communion children to APRIL 1 – St. Catherine School and Public Schools– APRIL 2 – St. Timothy & Atrium; APRIL 3 – Fr. Zanon & Mary Fix. All celebrations will be in Church at 7:30pm, after mass.
THE FIRST COMMUNIONS will be celebrated: APRIL 27: at 11:00am Fr. Zanon and at 3:00pm Mary Fix. MAY 4: at 11:00 St. Timothy & Atrium and at 3:00pm St. Catherine and Public Schools.
CONFIRMATIONS: May 14 Fr. Zanon & Mary Fix; May 15 St. Catherine, Public Schools and Spanish; May 16 St. Timothy & Atrium. All Celebrations will take place in the Church t 7:00pm with Holy Mass; Archbishop Robert Rivas, OP will be the celebrant giving the Confirmation.
EDGE – March: 1 – 15 – April 5 – May 3 – 17 – June 7 – 21.
ALPHA – March 8 – April 12 – May 10 – June 14

We are happy to welcome all of you! Fr. Walter

About Fr. Walter

Father Walter Tonelotto was born in Italy in 1947 and entered the Scalabrini Seminary at an early age. At 20 he was sent by his superiors to study Theology at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York and then to the Toronto School of Theology. He holds a Master in Divinity from St. Paul’s University in Ottawa and a Master in Moral Theology from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, New York City.