Everything stopped… The whole world stopped… So maybe we can dream a little bit… How could it be after….

1 – We know that “work” is not the only thing in life. It is beautiful to stop at least once a week and don’t feel guilty but free…

2 – It is beautiful to be locked up in the house with only my family. I will make sure that I lock myself up three nights a week only with my family, once that this is over.

3 – I learned that I can live better with a simple life style; that I do not need to buy everything I see on TV. I will distinguish between the necessary and the greedy, between the need and the whim.

4 – I realized that I need so many people: nurses, doctors, policemen, medics, storekeepers, firefighters and garbage collectors and priests. I cannot think anymore that I can do what I want, because we are all connected. I need to respect all because I need all.

5 – I know now that “time is NOT money”, because I cannot buy any time; because time is a free gift that I receive every minute of my day.

6 – I know that my life does not depend solely on me, but on everyone else; when everyone is healthy, I am healthy; when everyone is happy, I am happy.


In all my life, I have never lived a Lenten season like this. Even though every year I tried to do penance and prepare myself for the Passion of the Lord, this year LENT has a global dimension

A few reflections:

  • We have heard that all local wars have stopped (UN and Pope Francis have asked for a global ceasefire of all the wars around the world). Nobody could do that, but the virus succeeded.
  • Finally, we humans have stopped fighting and killing each other, maybe because now we ALL have a common enemy.
  • We are engaged in a global spiritual warfare; it has no boundaries; it affects all, rich or poor, white or black, Christians or atheists, priests or lay.
  • The real enemy is only one, who wants to keep the power over the whole world: the devil, who was able to enter most of our social institutions in order to create his world, without God.
  • The great purification of humanity is in progress; as Pope Benedict once said: God is in a “demolition” mode, to prepare for the new humanity. This is the last stroke of the devil; his time is over, the new kingdom is here.
  • BUT as humans we can miss the whole opportunity again, as it happened in the Old Testament and as it happened after the second world war in 1945-7. Twelve million people were killed.
  • Can we re-build humanity according to the original plan of God? Or are we going AGAIN to follow the lies of the enemy, whose only scope is to destroy the beautiful creation of God and establish his control and power over all of us?
  • The world is not going to be the same, as we humans had created it up to now, BUT we need to make sure that we build a society good for ALL and not for a few; that we do not allow our politicians to make their own laws, but that they help us follow the only true law of God. We need a NEW HUMANITY. Certainly politics, economics, education, health will be different from now on, but which set of values are we going to employ for this new humanity? Are we going to follow the instructions of God, the maker, who created all this universe for life, or will we again try to build a civilization of death?

About Fr. Walter

Father Walter Tonelotto was born in Italy in 1947 and entered the Scalabrini Seminary at an early age. At 20 he was sent by his superiors to study Theology at St. Joseph’s Seminary in Dunwoodie, New York and then to the Toronto School of Theology. He holds a Master in Divinity from St. Paul’s University in Ottawa and a Master in Moral Theology from Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University, New York City.